Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Double happiness blessing wedding rings interpretation of marriage to celebrate a new thinking

The world's largest gold promotion agencies -- the World Gold Council and China Gold first food company together on Thanksgiving held honeysweet 2009 "real food, happiness." Beijing press conference for blessing, mother and the new people brought the fashion wedding fashion.
18 sets of classic "love marriage blessing" gold products showcase stage khaki IPAD bag, whether traditional Chinese dress, or Western-style wedding, gold ornaments and bride are perfect match.And guests to share this to a brilliant "double happiness blessing" wedding rings sitcom.
The truth of the dishes, to love moving, the organizers specially through media solicitation chose 10 to tell the story about "love," according to legend story, and all the guests to share the mother to the daughter's love and blessings.
The truth amid "double happiness blessing" Wedding Gold new connotation, deducing a mother-daughter love."Double happiness blessing" wedding rings sitcom cleverly conceived of a bride dress around family discussion, debate and resolve the protagonist is "love," "love wedding rings, wedding rings," with its eternal Gold Charm conquered all people, sections of a gold jewelry in the modern fashion with Chinese traditional style of passion collision to distribute its unique style.
Only gold wedding female canvas accessories, wedding rings, and interpretation of the new era of love between mother and daughter in the language, highlight the wedding rings in Chinese wedding culture played in the "generations" and "the eternal blessing" profound meaning.
Newcomers to the elders by "double happiness blessing" products canvas handbag brokers, convey to children's earnest blessings.While wearing the parents as "double happiness blessing" products into the wedding hall, has also become a bride's greatest wish.
In this festive occasion, "double happiness Fu" became the newcomers and the elders among new emotional appeal channel.2009 "double happiness marriage blessing" gold is the modern wedding fashion and Chinese traditional marriage concept of integration, so that the modern young people can not only enjoy the modern western wedding passion, can understand Chinese traditional culture contains deep meanings.
"Somebody like gold, double happiness, life" has become a new and older between emotional declaration, "double happiness blessing" wedding rings also became Chinese wedding jewelry preferred brand.Today, there are more "double happiness marriage blessing" gold new in Beijing food company appears on the market in the round.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Italy will be luxury brand HOGAN is about to visit China strong

In November 9, 2011, TOD S group of Italy's Casual Luxury Brand HOGAN will formally enter the Chinese market.HOGAN mainland stores will be in Beijing China World Trade Center mall officially opened his fashion canvas leather messenger bag, Karl Lagerfeld HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series personally pocket mirror shot blockbuster, also be in the corresponding period Beijing 798 Art Zone of Iberia Center for contemporary art exhibition.
As the Italy TOD S S.P.A boutique group member, leisure luxury brand HOGAN hopes to take this opportunity to brand the core DNA avant-garde, innovative spirit, will, temperament, comfortable and elegant style and classic practical design to Chinese consumers, hoping to bring them hitherto unknown will new luxury experience.

Avant-garde innovation to break through
Since its inception in 1986, HOGAN gradually from a shoe brand has grown to clothing and accessories full range of products are leisure luxury brand.In this process, HOGAN will always innovation breakthrough as a brand the conduct of the country, or from the art world for inspiration, or with the top fashion designer, HOGAN injection everfount vitality.

Ignore age, male and female clothing to break through confine, inspired by the Hollywood star James Dean Rebel clothing series, embodies the spirit of freedom of HOGAN avant-garde innovation.Elegant, creativity, fashion, Karl Lagerfeld and HOGAN twice together, will dare to try to break through the limits of the brand Canvas messenger bag blue, the concept has been shown most incisive.

Rebel series
HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series design manuscript
Will temperament expression
For HOGAN, will doctrine is a unique way of life, decent and good personality dress, is on the way of life of self expression.
A pair of comfortable shoes and a chic luxury handbags, is integrated into all life rhythm of essential equipment.
Since 1997 since the launch, INTERACTIVE shoes with full modern design has won wide attention, its comfortable and easy to match the character to become the metropolitan life necessary list.
And equipped with multiple zip pocket TREND handbag, designed for urban leisure life and design, it is a magic weapon of Star Street, Jessica Alba, Pixie Lott, Renee Zellweger is the faithful.
Gong Li INTERACTIVE casual shoes
Jessica Alba and TREND handbag
Comfort comfortable elegance with
In many people's eyes, HOGAN is comfortable and elegant pronoun.
Whether clothes or shoes, in the design style emphasizes the novel at the same time, to ensure product comfort is always the first principle of HOGAN.
Born in 1986, TRADITIONAL series, each production steps are to the traditional craftsmen for the foundation Canvas handbag for men, by adopting the double-layer overlap materials shoes ensure its soft label clothing.
TRADITIONAL series of coarse roots lace up heels can highlight the charming female at the same time, bring the comfortable wearing feeling.While the bloated down in the HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series has become very thin, and is suitable for city in the freedom with the dress.

HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series ultra light down jacket
TRADITIONAL series of coarse roots lace-up heels
Functional aesthetics leisure luxury
In twenty-five years, HOGAN has always been adhering to its original function of aesthetics, in the guarantee of excellence at the same time, will be the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, become walking the city between optimal choice, also confirmed the HOGAN leisure luxury unique positioning.

Published in 2005, OLYMPIA lightweight running shoes light and full of sense of design, have a fit body shape and classic fashion design, suitable for various occasions dressed, practical and elegant.
CITY RUSH series jacket was chosen waterproof coating fabrics, take time for urban changeable weather and smooth and clean, the contour and the simplicity of modern design more easily create urban metrosexual man capable of image.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Check kill a perfect figure five big cancer, O type leg on top!

Recently, the author to stifle the perfect shape of the shortcomings of the market ,draw five big malignant tumor .The following one one released .Fifth :thick arms .It is not enough to skeleton ,the proportion of symmetry ,but the arm and waist as thick ,be rather baffling to joint the whole people look fat in a circle .
Fourth :bucket waist .Slender limbs also save the frog belly .Third :the elephant leg .Sturdy legs can let you run too fast ,but also to let others see you run too fast !Second :pie face .
Tang flourishing age has gone for ever ,moon silver only from lady more and more far .The last is the first one, O type leg !Stand straight legs ,is always pressed in upon a mountain .
relationresultFortunately,diligence, method ,technology ,as long as they can adhere to canvas wallets for men,or capable of adversity .Several simple and practical tips to help you out of the embarrassed condition ,perfect body ,morph .
relationresultWant to have agraceful arm ?Deal with thick arms ,just a simple action ,can exercise the inner arm, make strong: the hands crossed ,thumb down ,arms extended forward .A static 2 ~ 3 secondsto recover hands inversion ,then extends forward again about 2 ~3 seconds.
Slowly for about 10 ~ 20 times.Swimming is the best exercise of thin arm .relationresultThe waistis the distinction between girls and Eau Ba Sang key !Fat swimming ring ,get rid of .The thin waist movement although simple ,but very effective .
Straight legs lying on the ground and then upgrade, back ,don touch the ground .Repeat 15 times.Daily 3-4 times,each time 15.The sports, sit-ups is practising abdominal muscle million years .
relationresultFarewell elephant legs,there are ways :lying in bed ,straight legs ,a pedal and a pedal ,straight .Take turns to do twenty to thirty times canvas handbag prices, until the legs feel tired .Is it right? Very simple ?relationresultIsthere will often be a misunderstanding ,is a chewing gum ,this does not make the face thin ,will grow muscle !Try a face-lift exercises ,there may be a surprise :relationresult1,close your eyes ,and then forced to wrinkled face .
Eyes ,nose ,mouth to squeeze past the face center ,face crumpled ,sensory features overall depression .relationresult2,keep the action a wrinkled state ,and then slowly upwards to form a head YELLOW tote bag,let face up as far as possible ,upward ,upward and then .
relationresult3,now maintain action two raised state ,and then make a fist with both hands ,fists lightly press the side of the neck muscles .Let the fist along above the clavicle to below the ears a little moving .
relationresultIn 4,Hui Gangcai state of tension ,face to the front .With just the shrinkage of opposing force, outward call .Forced her cheek and nose extending downward to make .At the same time ,keep the eyes open .
relationresult5,pulling the corners of the mouth .relationresultIn the first rowwith leg type is concerned, it is not surprising .Say ,beautiful leg ,it seems indeed ,accounted for half of the proportion of body legs if it long enough ,is the first glimpse of the impact of visual effects .
With some curiosity and desire for the perfect body ,the villain of the piece - O type leg conducted in-depth investigation .relationresultO type legin medicine as genu varum ,generally known as bandy legs ,a leg ,is a very common disease symptoms of leg .
To determine whether it is O type leg standard and degree ,can be their detection .Double ,double foot heel together ,relax the legs straight ,if the distance between the two knee ,shows that there are O type leg .
When the knee is below 3 cm, mild ;in 3-10 cm,for moderate ;greater than 10 cm ,severe .relationresultFor thiskilling the perfect shape of the arch-criminal ,believe a lot of people are sick of hate ,desire and then quickly removed ,O type leg correction methods currently divided into operation and non operation correction correction in two categories .
Operation for correction of quick, but is very painful, risk is also high ,generally in a very serious degree for .In fact ,O type leg phenomenon although many ,but generally are not very serious ,through the operation for correction of more accepted by the people .
relationresultNonoperation for correction of many methods ,including equipment ,splints ,leggings ,orthotics and other .The apparatus and leggings are recommended .Following each choose two entries in the popular products ,as a comparison .
relationresultThe author in theTaobao find Leggings with the highest sales outlets ,as well as the instrument class star products are O instrument ,emphasize contrast buyers evaluation .In leggings shop buyers evaluation, has the advantages of low price ,simple use method of machinery ,turn up is the lack of product quality ,such as pungent odor ,get effective slow ,and will appear the phenomenon such as bruising .
It O instrument evaluation ,operation is simple ,quick, on the body burden of small it is occupied, the occasional complain that the price .relationresultIn summary,a gaiter strap and is O instrument has the advantages of simple operation ,the difference lies in the gaiter slow the effects on the body ,a greater burden, because of the need for long time bound, easy to cause the knee part of the blood vessels ,nerve injury .
Is O instrument (www.oxingtui.com ) becoming effective quickly, the effect is more apparent ,the burden on the body small, cost than traditional Leggings high .relationresultLove is nature,the pursuit of the pace never changed to stop ,in the pursuit of beauty on the road, always keep shining eyes ,for oneself ,or does not fit you ,will be repeated observation ,in-depth investigation ,found to immediate action, lazy is a woman forever enemy ,know a lot of ,to find your weapon ,to perfect on the road to cancer .


Thursday, April 12, 2012

GHERARDINI 2012 spring and summer to bring you a wonderful encounter

GHERARDINI for Wedding
Witness a romantic wedding, always can let a person heart filled with satisfaction and happiness, with a pretty package to attend the wedding, expression of the bride and married the blessing of Italy at the same time small fannypack, also made a profound impression, beautiful appearance, but also to bring their own feelings of pleasure.
GHERARDINI in 2012 during the spring to bring you a wonderful encounter.
White is a virtuous girl, pure love, romantic wedding, the wedding is elegant, is also a happy wedding, soft white leather and symbolizes the eternal promise of golden aperture, tells the story of the new romantic love, mellow modelling witnessed new every beautiful marriage.
Pure white and Jehoiakim, together to create a LISA BAG series SONIA preferred 2012 wedding.
Flower shaped beam mouth bag as a red rose on the wedding day become a wonderful marriage blessing, double-layer overlapping fold surface show elegant and noble, the full package type has a complete happiness beautiful meaning, small handbag in the wedding ceremony is convenient to carry their belongings, elegant and charming backpack can be in the shopping date increase sweet romance, wonderful life from GAROTA series red wedding gift.

The red MARIPOSA ebullience, as wedding pretty package, express the joy of Italy, the soft bag type show women's dainty and charming, his brand of classic embossed highlighted elegant texture, and add a three-dimensional canvas military duffle bags dress, side along the bag of G decoration do not have a nifty flavor.

NATION series of soft leather show women's elegant, the mouth of the bag contraction of the design of the whole package like a flower bud, filled with happiness for the future and look forward to a better life yearning ladies Canvas handbag grey, pure white is the symbol of the marriage romantic loyal beautiful meaning, at the wedding and holiday should be.

SOFTY BEAUTY series of cosmetic bag is a bride for carry-on items, using GHERARDINI original daily lightweight SOFTY series waterproof anti-wrinkle unique fabric, large capacity may contain bride makeup all appliances.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Doris Vinci09 christmas new recommendation

Every year, Doris Vinci watch love gift, passion in four carefully build the masterpiece.With exquisite workmanship, perfect design and known for its Doris Vinci watch hope in the new year when the bell sounded and every to pursue noble and fashionable taste of the people together to meet a new moment.

Revose series 4360 RMB
Revose series watch design is concise and easy, emphasizing the subtleties of luxury beauty, it will watch technology and the perfect combination of modern art, and strive to achieve the unity of luxury and practicality.
Swiss handicraft and zircon emit bright light symbolizes the "eternal, elegant Chest pack bag ARMY GREEN, young", will make the designer watch now become the limelight.Revose series long dial slightly radian, elegant chic to outline the modern female favorite soft lines, recounted in neoclassicism implicit lively.
Select 64 zircon inlaid in the bright stainless steel plating platinum watchcase, like the vast sky dotted with stars, in the hands gently strokes, the passage of time as well as in the fingers, let the human sob I cherish.
Exquisite stainless steel case and lined suede leather lining leather strap perfect convergence, relax and comfortable to wear.
Carino series 3950 RMB
In the vast galaxy for inspiration for relying on, Doris Vinci brought a cute series watch, dial whirlpool damascene process exquisite, also gives the watch a powerful attraction, great shine texture and smart design black cute backpack, like the spell as confused eyes, a deep inextricably bogged down in.
Case material: stainless steel plated with gold, rose gold or gold, elegant quality, and with a selected gem inlaid with perfect, like nature itself -- highest quality sense, four different choice is in line with the modern urban women's diverse demand.
Surface of selected white pearl color soft warm, simple identifies the 4 dial inlaid with Sparkling Clear CZ, perfect, still put on a wrist.
Capire series 3920 RMB
Chic Rome digital dial is "understand you" series watch for those who understand and follow the time ancient discoverer bestowed by silent praise.
The round dial, full to reveal the wearer's identity and taste, original Swiss sea Lang Da 751 movement for your accurate grasp time flows, this wrist-watch is sought to fashion the essence and value of classic men's tailored, it will become your best choice for the one and only.
"Understand you" series watch design low-key elegance, the stainless steel watch case and white, black and blue light dial sharp color contrast, genuine leather strap with stainless steel clasp -- double push lid clasp with safety cover and 30 meters waterproof function, perfect for one man watch.

Lustro series 7420 RMB
As Marilyn Monro said -- "diamonds are a girl's best friend", Lustro series watch will be saying this once more, the classic jewel design exudes a diamond shining, or woman is worth the permanent collection.
Doris Vinci chose simple feminine design to strengthen this watch "light", dial and strap, all blend into one harmonious whole. Set with zircon, mother of pearl dial gloss gentle flow of natural transition, this watch is for those attempting on every occasion can capture the eyes fashion female and tailored green canvas messenger bag, believe that shine gloss zircon Watch will soon become your fashion must-single items.


Delicate delicate and flexible house lizard ornament the season's trend of the theme style fashion

Is it right? Remember home garden, mottled walls, house lizard stroll?Oxette natural reproduction the magic of the creation, perceived lovely creatures, with metal and sequined depict the true to life likeness lovely house lizard.
Exquisite handmade up into the back of fine-grained College 14 inch laptop ipad 2 backpack black, ingenious gradual harmonious color definitely let you put it down.A light smart house lizard ornaments such as you easily send a loaf of good mood.Lee opera become a common practice in seventeenth Century canvas handbag mass, people through the form of opera singing society's development, and express their feelings.
The character's personality canvas shoulder bag macbook, emotional tone, social class will borrow from clothing to reflect.Now this with a strong emotional color of clothing style become fashion theme, change in different poses and with different expressions of fashion role.

Tie-in proposal:
The theme of the opera style fashion with a strong personal color, master the dramatic is the key to find suitable for your role and the subject, if can use appropriate jewelry with, natural icing on the cake.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo Masking and Raster to Vector Conversions

Photo Masking and Raster to Vector Conversions black plaid Canvas Messenger Shoulder Bag

Photo masking and clipping path are widely employed in pre-creation tasks required by numerous graphic and design production jobs. The only problem is that not too many people relish this work. Fortunately, a cost-effective and reliable solution is now available online for all of you who need to use such techniques on your pictures. Photo masking is the technique used when you want to isolate part of an image from the rest. When you combine the isolated image with other images, the result is referred to as a composite. There are many techniques and tools available for the photo masking procedure, and only professional graphic designers are aware and employing the most recent programs designed for such production. Photo masking can be an extremely laborious process, which can very well stand in the way of your projects advancing. This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should let professionals handle it, and use your free time on more profitable activities. Don't expect photo masking to be an entirely mechanical process. There is a slight level of subjectivity involved in this technique canvas urban outfitters pattern, and only experienced and well-trained designers cam make the right decision for a perfect outcome. Photo masking can be performed in a variety of ways, such as with the highest contrast channel, the pen tool or with the aid of hand painting. Each procedure has its own particularities and is recommended for a certain type of image. Furthermore, some images may require a combination of such procedure. This is why it's highly advisable to ask a team of specialists to help you, because they can definitely choose the best method for your images.Another service provided by such specialists is raster to vector, which deals with converting raster graphics to vector graphics. This process, also known as vectorisation, is extremely popular in photography and graphic design, as well as in CAD drawings. Raster to vector is used to vectorize graphics for resizing and better usage, and there is usually no change in appearance engaged in this process. Raster to vector conversions are used on photographs in order to change their appearance into a drawn or painted one. One of the functions of the raster to vector conversion is that it can integrate a photograph into a geometric design. In other words, if you have printed copies of old photographs, logos canvas utility bag, maps, illustrations, patches, painting, badges, cartoons, etc. but you no longer possess the original, you can scan or copy the image the print, have it uploaded on a specialized web site, and let professional take care of the conversion from raster to vector. The prices charged for both photo masking and raster to vector conversion are affordable. The price for raster to vector conversion varies according to complexity, starting with $2-$4 up to $25 or more of extremely complex requirements cheap canvas bags in bulk, while the price charged for photo masking is typically around $5 per image. Keep in mind though that the latter only covers a certain number of masks per image, usually three, but if your images require more masks, you may have to pay a little more.

Photo masking and clipping path are widely employed in pre-creation tasks required by numerous graphic and design production jobs