Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Double happiness blessing wedding rings interpretation of marriage to celebrate a new thinking

The world's largest gold promotion agencies -- the World Gold Council and China Gold first food company together on Thanksgiving held honeysweet 2009 "real food, happiness." Beijing press conference for blessing, mother and the new people brought the fashion wedding fashion.
18 sets of classic "love marriage blessing" gold products showcase stage khaki IPAD bag, whether traditional Chinese dress, or Western-style wedding, gold ornaments and bride are perfect match.And guests to share this to a brilliant "double happiness blessing" wedding rings sitcom.
The truth of the dishes, to love moving, the organizers specially through media solicitation chose 10 to tell the story about "love," according to legend story, and all the guests to share the mother to the daughter's love and blessings.
The truth amid "double happiness blessing" Wedding Gold new connotation, deducing a mother-daughter love."Double happiness blessing" wedding rings sitcom cleverly conceived of a bride dress around family discussion, debate and resolve the protagonist is "love," "love wedding rings, wedding rings," with its eternal Gold Charm conquered all people, sections of a gold jewelry in the modern fashion with Chinese traditional style of passion collision to distribute its unique style.
Only gold wedding female canvas accessories, wedding rings, and interpretation of the new era of love between mother and daughter in the language, highlight the wedding rings in Chinese wedding culture played in the "generations" and "the eternal blessing" profound meaning.
Newcomers to the elders by "double happiness blessing" products canvas handbag brokers, convey to children's earnest blessings.While wearing the parents as "double happiness blessing" products into the wedding hall, has also become a bride's greatest wish.
In this festive occasion, "double happiness Fu" became the newcomers and the elders among new emotional appeal channel.2009 "double happiness marriage blessing" gold is the modern wedding fashion and Chinese traditional marriage concept of integration, so that the modern young people can not only enjoy the modern western wedding passion, can understand Chinese traditional culture contains deep meanings.
"Somebody like gold, double happiness, life" has become a new and older between emotional declaration, "double happiness blessing" wedding rings also became Chinese wedding jewelry preferred brand.Today, there are more "double happiness marriage blessing" gold new in Beijing food company appears on the market in the round.


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