Monday, April 9, 2012

Doris Vinci09 christmas new recommendation

Every year, Doris Vinci watch love gift, passion in four carefully build the masterpiece.With exquisite workmanship, perfect design and known for its Doris Vinci watch hope in the new year when the bell sounded and every to pursue noble and fashionable taste of the people together to meet a new moment.

Revose series 4360 RMB
Revose series watch design is concise and easy, emphasizing the subtleties of luxury beauty, it will watch technology and the perfect combination of modern art, and strive to achieve the unity of luxury and practicality.
Swiss handicraft and zircon emit bright light symbolizes the "eternal, elegant Chest pack bag ARMY GREEN, young", will make the designer watch now become the limelight.Revose series long dial slightly radian, elegant chic to outline the modern female favorite soft lines, recounted in neoclassicism implicit lively.
Select 64 zircon inlaid in the bright stainless steel plating platinum watchcase, like the vast sky dotted with stars, in the hands gently strokes, the passage of time as well as in the fingers, let the human sob I cherish.
Exquisite stainless steel case and lined suede leather lining leather strap perfect convergence, relax and comfortable to wear.
Carino series 3950 RMB
In the vast galaxy for inspiration for relying on, Doris Vinci brought a cute series watch, dial whirlpool damascene process exquisite, also gives the watch a powerful attraction, great shine texture and smart design black cute backpack, like the spell as confused eyes, a deep inextricably bogged down in.
Case material: stainless steel plated with gold, rose gold or gold, elegant quality, and with a selected gem inlaid with perfect, like nature itself -- highest quality sense, four different choice is in line with the modern urban women's diverse demand.
Surface of selected white pearl color soft warm, simple identifies the 4 dial inlaid with Sparkling Clear CZ, perfect, still put on a wrist.
Capire series 3920 RMB
Chic Rome digital dial is "understand you" series watch for those who understand and follow the time ancient discoverer bestowed by silent praise.
The round dial, full to reveal the wearer's identity and taste, original Swiss sea Lang Da 751 movement for your accurate grasp time flows, this wrist-watch is sought to fashion the essence and value of classic men's tailored, it will become your best choice for the one and only.
"Understand you" series watch design low-key elegance, the stainless steel watch case and white, black and blue light dial sharp color contrast, genuine leather strap with stainless steel clasp -- double push lid clasp with safety cover and 30 meters waterproof function, perfect for one man watch.

Lustro series 7420 RMB
As Marilyn Monro said -- "diamonds are a girl's best friend", Lustro series watch will be saying this once more, the classic jewel design exudes a diamond shining, or woman is worth the permanent collection.
Doris Vinci chose simple feminine design to strengthen this watch "light", dial and strap, all blend into one harmonious whole. Set with zircon, mother of pearl dial gloss gentle flow of natural transition, this watch is for those attempting on every occasion can capture the eyes fashion female and tailored green canvas messenger bag, believe that shine gloss zircon Watch will soon become your fashion must-single items.


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