Monday, April 16, 2012

Check kill a perfect figure five big cancer, O type leg on top!

Recently, the author to stifle the perfect shape of the shortcomings of the market ,draw five big malignant tumor .The following one one released .Fifth :thick arms .It is not enough to skeleton ,the proportion of symmetry ,but the arm and waist as thick ,be rather baffling to joint the whole people look fat in a circle .
Fourth :bucket waist .Slender limbs also save the frog belly .Third :the elephant leg .Sturdy legs can let you run too fast ,but also to let others see you run too fast !Second :pie face .
Tang flourishing age has gone for ever ,moon silver only from lady more and more far .The last is the first one, O type leg !Stand straight legs ,is always pressed in upon a mountain .
relationresultFortunately,diligence, method ,technology ,as long as they can adhere to canvas wallets for men,or capable of adversity .Several simple and practical tips to help you out of the embarrassed condition ,perfect body ,morph .
relationresultWant to have agraceful arm ?Deal with thick arms ,just a simple action ,can exercise the inner arm, make strong: the hands crossed ,thumb down ,arms extended forward .A static 2 ~ 3 secondsto recover hands inversion ,then extends forward again about 2 ~3 seconds.
Slowly for about 10 ~ 20 times.Swimming is the best exercise of thin arm .relationresultThe waistis the distinction between girls and Eau Ba Sang key !Fat swimming ring ,get rid of .The thin waist movement although simple ,but very effective .
Straight legs lying on the ground and then upgrade, back ,don touch the ground .Repeat 15 times.Daily 3-4 times,each time 15.The sports, sit-ups is practising abdominal muscle million years .
relationresultFarewell elephant legs,there are ways :lying in bed ,straight legs ,a pedal and a pedal ,straight .Take turns to do twenty to thirty times canvas handbag prices, until the legs feel tired .Is it right? Very simple ?relationresultIsthere will often be a misunderstanding ,is a chewing gum ,this does not make the face thin ,will grow muscle !Try a face-lift exercises ,there may be a surprise :relationresult1,close your eyes ,and then forced to wrinkled face .
Eyes ,nose ,mouth to squeeze past the face center ,face crumpled ,sensory features overall depression .relationresult2,keep the action a wrinkled state ,and then slowly upwards to form a head YELLOW tote bag,let face up as far as possible ,upward ,upward and then .
relationresult3,now maintain action two raised state ,and then make a fist with both hands ,fists lightly press the side of the neck muscles .Let the fist along above the clavicle to below the ears a little moving .
relationresultIn 4,Hui Gangcai state of tension ,face to the front .With just the shrinkage of opposing force, outward call .Forced her cheek and nose extending downward to make .At the same time ,keep the eyes open .
relationresult5,pulling the corners of the mouth .relationresultIn the first rowwith leg type is concerned, it is not surprising .Say ,beautiful leg ,it seems indeed ,accounted for half of the proportion of body legs if it long enough ,is the first glimpse of the impact of visual effects .
With some curiosity and desire for the perfect body ,the villain of the piece - O type leg conducted in-depth investigation .relationresultO type legin medicine as genu varum ,generally known as bandy legs ,a leg ,is a very common disease symptoms of leg .
To determine whether it is O type leg standard and degree ,can be their detection .Double ,double foot heel together ,relax the legs straight ,if the distance between the two knee ,shows that there are O type leg .
When the knee is below 3 cm, mild ;in 3-10 cm,for moderate ;greater than 10 cm ,severe .relationresultFor thiskilling the perfect shape of the arch-criminal ,believe a lot of people are sick of hate ,desire and then quickly removed ,O type leg correction methods currently divided into operation and non operation correction correction in two categories .
Operation for correction of quick, but is very painful, risk is also high ,generally in a very serious degree for .In fact ,O type leg phenomenon although many ,but generally are not very serious ,through the operation for correction of more accepted by the people .
relationresultNonoperation for correction of many methods ,including equipment ,splints ,leggings ,orthotics and other .The apparatus and leggings are recommended .Following each choose two entries in the popular products ,as a comparison .
relationresultThe author in theTaobao find Leggings with the highest sales outlets ,as well as the instrument class star products are O instrument ,emphasize contrast buyers evaluation .In leggings shop buyers evaluation, has the advantages of low price ,simple use method of machinery ,turn up is the lack of product quality ,such as pungent odor ,get effective slow ,and will appear the phenomenon such as bruising .
It O instrument evaluation ,operation is simple ,quick, on the body burden of small it is occupied, the occasional complain that the price .relationresultIn summary,a gaiter strap and is O instrument has the advantages of simple operation ,the difference lies in the gaiter slow the effects on the body ,a greater burden, because of the need for long time bound, easy to cause the knee part of the blood vessels ,nerve injury .
Is O instrument ( ) becoming effective quickly, the effect is more apparent ,the burden on the body small, cost than traditional Leggings high .relationresultLove is nature,the pursuit of the pace never changed to stop ,in the pursuit of beauty on the road, always keep shining eyes ,for oneself ,or does not fit you ,will be repeated observation ,in-depth investigation ,found to immediate action, lazy is a woman forever enemy ,know a lot of ,to find your weapon ,to perfect on the road to cancer .


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