Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Italy will be luxury brand HOGAN is about to visit China strong

In November 9, 2011, TOD S group of Italy's Casual Luxury Brand HOGAN will formally enter the Chinese market.HOGAN mainland stores will be in Beijing China World Trade Center mall officially opened his fashion canvas leather messenger bag, Karl Lagerfeld HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series personally pocket mirror shot blockbuster, also be in the corresponding period Beijing 798 Art Zone of Iberia Center for contemporary art exhibition.
As the Italy TOD S S.P.A boutique group member, leisure luxury brand HOGAN hopes to take this opportunity to brand the core DNA avant-garde, innovative spirit, will, temperament, comfortable and elegant style and classic practical design to Chinese consumers, hoping to bring them hitherto unknown will new luxury experience.

Avant-garde innovation to break through
Since its inception in 1986, HOGAN gradually from a shoe brand has grown to clothing and accessories full range of products are leisure luxury brand.In this process, HOGAN will always innovation breakthrough as a brand the conduct of the country, or from the art world for inspiration, or with the top fashion designer, HOGAN injection everfount vitality.

Ignore age, male and female clothing to break through confine, inspired by the Hollywood star James Dean Rebel clothing series, embodies the spirit of freedom of HOGAN avant-garde innovation.Elegant, creativity, fashion, Karl Lagerfeld and HOGAN twice together, will dare to try to break through the limits of the brand Canvas messenger bag blue, the concept has been shown most incisive.

Rebel series
HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series design manuscript
Will temperament expression
For HOGAN, will doctrine is a unique way of life, decent and good personality dress, is on the way of life of self expression.
A pair of comfortable shoes and a chic luxury handbags, is integrated into all life rhythm of essential equipment.
Since 1997 since the launch, INTERACTIVE shoes with full modern design has won wide attention, its comfortable and easy to match the character to become the metropolitan life necessary list.
And equipped with multiple zip pocket TREND handbag, designed for urban leisure life and design, it is a magic weapon of Star Street, Jessica Alba, Pixie Lott, Renee Zellweger is the faithful.
Gong Li INTERACTIVE casual shoes
Jessica Alba and TREND handbag
Comfort comfortable elegance with
In many people's eyes, HOGAN is comfortable and elegant pronoun.
Whether clothes or shoes, in the design style emphasizes the novel at the same time, to ensure product comfort is always the first principle of HOGAN.
Born in 1986, TRADITIONAL series, each production steps are to the traditional craftsmen for the foundation Canvas handbag for men, by adopting the double-layer overlap materials shoes ensure its soft label clothing.
TRADITIONAL series of coarse roots lace up heels can highlight the charming female at the same time, bring the comfortable wearing feeling.While the bloated down in the HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series has become very thin, and is suitable for city in the freedom with the dress.

HOGAN by Karl Lagerfeld series ultra light down jacket
TRADITIONAL series of coarse roots lace-up heels
Functional aesthetics leisure luxury
In twenty-five years, HOGAN has always been adhering to its original function of aesthetics, in the guarantee of excellence at the same time, will be the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, become walking the city between optimal choice, also confirmed the HOGAN leisure luxury unique positioning.

Published in 2005, OLYMPIA lightweight running shoes light and full of sense of design, have a fit body shape and classic fashion design, suitable for various occasions dressed, practical and elegant.
CITY RUSH series jacket was chosen waterproof coating fabrics, take time for urban changeable weather and smooth and clean, the contour and the simplicity of modern design more easily create urban metrosexual man capable of image.


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