Thursday, April 12, 2012

GHERARDINI 2012 spring and summer to bring you a wonderful encounter

GHERARDINI for Wedding
Witness a romantic wedding, always can let a person heart filled with satisfaction and happiness, with a pretty package to attend the wedding, expression of the bride and married the blessing of Italy at the same time small fannypack, also made a profound impression, beautiful appearance, but also to bring their own feelings of pleasure.
GHERARDINI in 2012 during the spring to bring you a wonderful encounter.
White is a virtuous girl, pure love, romantic wedding, the wedding is elegant, is also a happy wedding, soft white leather and symbolizes the eternal promise of golden aperture, tells the story of the new romantic love, mellow modelling witnessed new every beautiful marriage.
Pure white and Jehoiakim, together to create a LISA BAG series SONIA preferred 2012 wedding.
Flower shaped beam mouth bag as a red rose on the wedding day become a wonderful marriage blessing, double-layer overlapping fold surface show elegant and noble, the full package type has a complete happiness beautiful meaning, small handbag in the wedding ceremony is convenient to carry their belongings, elegant and charming backpack can be in the shopping date increase sweet romance, wonderful life from GAROTA series red wedding gift.

The red MARIPOSA ebullience, as wedding pretty package, express the joy of Italy, the soft bag type show women's dainty and charming, his brand of classic embossed highlighted elegant texture, and add a three-dimensional canvas military duffle bags dress, side along the bag of G decoration do not have a nifty flavor.

NATION series of soft leather show women's elegant, the mouth of the bag contraction of the design of the whole package like a flower bud, filled with happiness for the future and look forward to a better life yearning ladies Canvas handbag grey, pure white is the symbol of the marriage romantic loyal beautiful meaning, at the wedding and holiday should be.

SOFTY BEAUTY series of cosmetic bag is a bride for carry-on items, using GHERARDINI original daily lightweight SOFTY series waterproof anti-wrinkle unique fabric, large capacity may contain bride makeup all appliances.


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